Casual meets stylish


Feeling content, comfortable and stylish has never been as important as it is now. The current Margittes collection delivers a striking appearance – self-confident and feminine. 

White to cream to vanilla, accented by shades of sunny yellow, lilac, mocha and navy dominate the palette. The silhouettes are casual and oversized, which guarantee “easy chic with a modern twist”.

High-grade Pima cotton fabrics, super-soft against your skin, form the basis of the collection.

Margitte Schweden
Founder and head of design

They are complemented by Margittes’ proven sweatshirt jersey fabrics, which are lightweight yet keep their shape. More flowing fabrics are used for tunics, blouses and skirts, in neutrals and in bold shades. The whole collection is created with precise attention to detail and, of course, ‘ready-to-wear’.

Coming soon

Discover the latest Margittes collection here – available in stores as of July 2021. 
It´s all about what makes you feel good – cozy styles for a new dresscode.


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